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Qualcomm scores 18 operators for 5G NR in 2019
Published in Mobiles

20 OEM designs on X50

Qualcomm just announced the number of OEMs making X50 based phones at a Mobile World Congress 2018 press conference.

ISP broadband beaten by a pigeon
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Faster at 4GB transfer

Customers of a South African ISP were so cross with the outfit’s poor broadband speeds they arranged a data transfer race between it and a pigeon.

Telcos sell Apple watch on Friday
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In Europe and in US

T-mobile in the US has announced that the company will start selling the Apple watch on Friday but it turns out that a few European Telecoms will start get it too. . 


Banned from tendering in Algeria


Only way to get better investment


iPing iPong diplomacy


Worried about meetings


Not really sure about mobile providers

Wants to get users away from P2P

They are holding a press conference about something big