Apple owes Ireland 13 billion euro
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Pretty much what the EU has been saying all along

The Irish government's tax man was asked by the government what he thought Apple owed the country over its dodgy tax arrangement and he agreed with the EU.

Samsung chairman charged with tax evasion
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Even if he loses, it is not as if he is going down

Samsung Electronics’ ailing chairman, Lee Kun-hee, was named by South Korean police as a suspect in a $7.5 million tax evasion case that involved the use of bank accounts held by employees.

Google money lost in Bermuda Triangle
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Bend it, shake it, anyway you want IT

Tech leviathan Google is up to its tax tricks again.

UK threatens to tax big tech over extremist content
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Like that will ever happen

Over the holidays, the UK government started to talk big about taxing big tech companies which fail to tackle extremist content.

Indians tell Apple it will not get special tax treatment
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Apple staff need counselling

The Indian Government has told the fruity cargo cult Apple that it will not be a special tax case.

Ireland starts collecting back tax from Apple
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Sort of

The Fruity Cargo Cult is starting to pay back tax in Ireland, despite the fact it has denied doing anything illegal.

Apple tax dodges mentioned in Paradise Papers
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Sidestepped Irish tax increases

The Paradise Papers have revealed some of the Fruity Cargo cult Apple’s dodgy deals to avoid paying the ridiculously low Irish taxes.

Italy close to tax deal with Google
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Taxman makes an offer Google can't refuse

Italy and Alphabet's Google are close to reaching a deal to settle a tax dispute which will not mean the company has to sleep with the fishes.

Apple announces huge corporate tax dodge today
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Expect the Tame Apple Press to give it another headline

Fruity cargo cult Apple is expected to announce the results of a huge corporate tax dodge today, but expect the Tame Apple Press to be running stories about how wonderful the company is.

Apple files appeal against tax bill
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A long rant as to why it is “special” and the EU smells of nintendo

The fruity tax-dodging cargo-cult Apple has sent a 14 point legal rant to the EU claiming it is special and does not have to pay tax like everyone else.