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Apple Qualcomm license spat is about $13 per iPhone
Published in Mobiles

Apple wants to pay less

Next time you buy an iPhone that nowadays easily exceeds $1000, € or £, Apple doesn’t want to pay $13 out of the selling price of its phone to Qualcomm. That is what the whole fuss is all about. Qualcomm offers multi model standard essential patents that include 3G/4G and 5G in that price.

Apple $7 billion behind in royalty payments
Published in PC Hardware

If only it had enough cash

Chipmaker Qualcomm has said that the fruity cargo-cult Apple owes it $7 billion.

Apple stops Qualcomm royalty payments
Published in Mobiles

Analysis: Qualcomm issues profit warnings

Apple has  decided to stop  royalty patent payments to Qualcomm claiming that it wants to wait until a court decides what is the right amount.


Samsung would prefer $10

Says Motorola rates unreasonable