AI robot does something a human can't
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Builds IKEA furniture without using a hammer to knock in the screws

A team of boffins has created robots that can do something even most humans struggle with – making IKEA furniture.

Foxconn to liberate 10,000 "zoo animals"
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Replace human zoo with robots

The Apple partner whose chairman Terry Gou famously compared his staff with zoo animals and once asked a zookeeper for management techniques has apparently given up on messy biological life and is replacing 10,000 of them with robots.

Saudi Arabia gives robot more rights than a real woman
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More rights than a real foreign worker

Saudi Arabia has become the first country in the world to offer citizenship to a humanoid robot, giving it more rights than millions of human women and foreigners living in the Gulf nation.

Nvidia Xavier almost taped out
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CEO confirms

Nvidia Xavier, the next generation Tegra focused on self-driving, is almost taped out.

Security robot drowns itself
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I think you ought to know I am feeling depressed

A Washington DC-based security robot has decided that life protecting humans is not worth the effort and has killed itself by throwing itself into a fountain.

Softbank finds two droids they are looking for on Google
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Two companies added to AI plans

After getting its paws on ARM, Softbank is still growing and has written a cheque for two firms that build walking robots from Google's parent company, Alphabet.

Never mind the Mexicans - Trump should fear the Robots
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Economics experts warn

While the US government is making hay blaming foreigners for coming to the US and stealing jobs, it should be more worried about robots.

Chinese robot revolution has a few problems
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Too much cash invested in the lower end

China is widely expected to take the lead in robotic industry, but Digitimes Research thinks that it might have a few problems to overcome first.

Robot lawyer helps refugees
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DoNotPay has become the Internet’s Robin Hood

A chat bot that overturned 160,000 parking tickets is now giving free legal aid to asylum-seeking refugees through Facebook.

Humans likely to revolt over robot job loses
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Revolution cries Virgin

A senior director for Virgin Australia has warned business leaders that humans might revolt over moves to replace their jobs with robots.