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Apple still makes most of the smartphone profit
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As if that is a good thing

The Tame Apple Press is running a story patting  its favourite toy maker on the back for making the most profits.

Samsung is back to black
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But investors are unlikely to cheer

Samsung is expected to announce its first annual increase in quarterly profit in two years following a dismal third quarter in 2014, but word on the street is that things are not going well.

Swedish coms maker sees bottom line massaged
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Bork, Bork, Bork

While other smartphone manufactures are moaning about tough economic times, Swedish teleco maker Ericson is making flat pack furniture out of its rivals.

ASML profits bode well for chip  industry
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$6.44 billion in sales

Dutch outfit ASML Holding, the world's second largest maker of semiconductor production equipment has managed to flog more than $6.44 billion worth of gear.

Apple takes 92 per cent of smartphone profits
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But only has 20 percent of sales

You might love your android phone as much as you want but the numbers seems to be working better for Apple. 


Better than predicted

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Said to be the reason license was sold to EA

y money

Fiscal 2012 was a good year for the publisher


Licensing merchandise about 30% of 2011 revenue


After six quarters in the red