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HP releases a few more details on Windows 10 Elite x3
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Not really a smartphone

HP has released pricing and availability details for its Elite x3 which is an interesting hybrid of a phone, a laptop and a desktop PC.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge price revealed
Published in Mobiles

€700/€800 in Europe, $699/$799 in the US

While we already seen all the details regarding Samsung's new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones earlier, we now have all the price details including off-contract and those on most popular carriers, both in Europe and the US.

AMD talks about new A-series desktop pricing
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It is only a suggestion

Buried in the announcements of AMD's Financial Analyst Day were the new processor pricing that was announced for the AMD A-series desktop processors.


Will drop to $130 this holiday season


Nothing Mini about the price though


Drop for $109.99 only for North America


Mac Book Pro retina for €3840

Wii U

So much so that it almost dropped 2nd screen

y hdd

To pre-flood levels

Early bird catches the worm