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Blackberry Oslo leaked
Published in Mobiles

It ain't dead yet

Blackberry is not quite ready to die yet, if the new leak of its coming Oslo update of Passport is anything to go by.

Major AMD refresh planned for next year
Published in News

Needs it

AMD was planning a financial analyst's day on Wednesday, but it seems that materials from the event may have leaked out.

New leaked AMD Zen slide
Published in PC Hardware

High performance monster

The block diagram of the new AMD Zen core has found its way onto the Planet 3 news group.

Skylight on Skylake
Published in PC Hardware
17 April 2015

Skylight on Skylake

New Intel leak

Details of Intel's upcoming Skylake generation of CPUs and their accompanying platform controllers has been leaked on a Chinese site.

Radeon R9 390X up to 60 percent faster than R9 290X
Published in Graphics

According to leaked slides

According to a new set of leaked slides, which show both the rumored specifications and performance of the upcoming Fiji XT-based Radeon R9 390X graphics card, it appears that AMD might have quite a performer on its hands.


Cebit 2013: First glimpse of Haswell board

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RIM on the offensive


Who wants to buy a snitch?

03 September 2012

Galaxy Victory specs leak

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We shall call on the beaches…

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Company says it’s a mere error