Apple fanboys find a use for the iPhone
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Measuring incredibly small objects

While the expensive new range of iPhones is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, Apple fanboys have found something they find incredibly useful.

Apple slammed for sexist design
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To be fair,  Donald Trump also has the same problem

Apple has been slammed for creating phones which are too large to fit in the average woman or US president's hand.

New iPhone prices even more ridiculous in Europe
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Go as high as €1,289/£1,099

While even the US prices of the new Apple iPhone trio were quite high for our taste, it appears that buyers from Europe or the UK will have to shell out even more cash than their US counterparts, pushing those prices to insane levels.

Apple woos the low end with a "cheap" $750 iPhone
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LCD screen, same A12 SoC, and a single 12MP camera

In addition to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max upgrades, Apple has also unveiled the much cheaper iPhone Xr, made for those that might think $999 and $1,099 is just a bit too much money for their taste. In other words,  people who don't have very much money - the cheapskates.

Apple shows upgraded and bigger iPhones
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Meet the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, all with new A12 Bionic SoC

As expected, the stars of the Apple show at the Steve Jobs' Theater were  new iPhones, the iPhone Xs, and the iPhone Xs Max, showing that there is still room for improvement without changing the design.

Apple confirms eSIM for iPhone X
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Intel-powered Gigabit LTE dual SIM in China

Phil Schiller just talked about iPhone Xs and Xs Max, (Nike MAX anyone) and confirmed that there is an eSIM solution for the S 2018 refresh of iPhones.

28 million Americans would get into debt for an iPhone
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Europeans have an explanation for Donald Trump

More than 28 million Americans are dumb enough to buy a new iPhone even if it will slide them deep in debt.

Iphone 8 loses  a quarter of its value in a few hours
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Assuming you thought it had a value in the first place

Existing iPhone’s will lose up to a quarter of their value over the next 24 hours.

Broadcom predicts it will earn more cash
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Higher demand for data centre tech 

Broadcom predicted current quarter revenue largely above estimates on higher demand for components that power data centres.

iPhone 6.1 inch has dual SIM
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Most likely for China

Apple already confirmed its plans to have an iPhone event on September 12th and it will tell the market about its upcoming 2018 Intel only modem line up.