iPhone 8 is iPhone 7's evil twin
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It is just the same, only more expensive

If you are thinking of buying an iPhone 8 you might as well save your money and buy an iPhone 7 as it has pretty much the same internals, according to tear-down experts Ifixit

Galaxy Note 7 is pants to repair
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iFixit teardown spills the glue

Samsung's newest flagship fablet will be a bugger to repair and will need to be sent back to the manufacturer most of the time if anything goes wrong.

IPad Pro fails iFixit Teardown
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Full of glue

IFixit have managed to prove that you really don’t get what you pay for when it opened the back of Apple’s Surface knock-off the iPad Pro.  Apparently you pay for a lot of glue to hold it all together and make it impossible to fix.

Apple declares war on IFixit
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App pulled from store for pulling to bits

Fruity cargo cult Apple is furious that the tear-down outfit iFixit has dared to take the back off its shiny toys and reveal the outrageous profits the company is charging.

Apple Watch gutted open by iFixit
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Model 1553 has S1 chip beneath the plastic

Apple is officially starting to ship to pre-orders and if you are one of the early adopters your Apple Watch might be in the mail as we speak. 

iFixit forces HTC One M9 open
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Still as difficult to fix as the One M8

HTC has one of the most expensive / luxurious looking Android phones on the market, and the fact that One flagships have a gorgeous all-metal body comes at a price. 

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Low repairability score

Gets 1 out of 10 from iFixit

Worst iFixit score ever

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Week 27 units may have new nonconductive coating on metal band