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Apple has big problems with glass
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Employees hurt

A problem with the design of glass at Apple's HQ has led to three employees being sufficiently hurt that they needed urgent medical treatment.

Apple will invent Google Glass by 2020
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Will not plug it into the iPhone because it might not be around

Fruity tax dodging cargo cult Apple is going to invent Google Glass by 2020, but sees it as a device which will not connect to a phone.

New Google Glass is atomic powered
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Intel inside 'Enterprise Edition'

The new look Google Glass appears to be powered by an Intel Atom processor and is actually packed with useful features.

Google glass project back from the dead
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Short sighted ending

It seems that Google has not given up on its Google Glasses project after all.

Sony releases its developer's kit for Glasses
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Already cheaper than Google

Sony has released its developer's kit for its Glasses project.

If it quacks like a quack

And a media player app as well

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Thin, bendable display glass technology


Defective product