Apple content stars Siri with a rock
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Can things get any worse?

Apple’s god-awful self-obsessed content just managed to get worse.

Germany's first fully integrated 8K IP entertainment service to kick off
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Based around ADVA optical networking gear

ADVA Optical Networking announced that the German digital service provider Exaring has deployed its technology in Germany's first fully integrated platform for IP entertainment services.

PCs superior to Macs at content creation
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Another myth shattered

It has been a long held myth in the media industry that an expensive Mac was superior to a PC at handling content and images. However a test of the two has discovered that a PC cleans Apple’s clock.

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Vigil Games loses Joe Madureira

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Part of the Limited Collector’s Edition

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Six months of content starting in September

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Fires four for bribery


L4D2 players on Xbox unhappy about the hold up

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Not even out yet and we are talking DLC

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Will be included with Close Quarters DLC