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Xiaomi borrows a billion to open a few shops
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Big sales drive

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has popped to the bank and scored a billion dollar loan to accelerate its drive into brick-and-mortar stores and help a push overseas.

Blockchain hacked by bank robber
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Security? About the same as iOS

The much hyped security claims of Blockchain have been called into question after someone tricked would be investors during an ethereum ICO into sending their cryptocurrency to the wrong address.

Samsung takes eBanking fight to US
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On Apple’s home turf with a cheaper easier product

Smartphone leader Samsung is taking its eBanking product to the home turf of its rival Apple.

Wearable watch  gives you an electric shock when you spend too much
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Pavlok is an iWatch antedote

A wearable device which gives you an electric shock if you spend too much is being touted for those who need to save cash.

Barclays stalls Apple Pay
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Maybe next year

Barclays’ Bank is not signing up for Apple pay at least until next year.


360,000 customers hit

Turning it over to Wikileaks

The new and improved Zeus v3

Different products different markets