Elon Musk confirms new Model 3 options with AWD
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Featuring AWD with dual motors

Although he certainly hit a nerve or two during the Q1 2018 financial report call, Elon Musk has now confirmed two new, and more expensive Model 3 models, featuring AWD and dual motors, the Model 3 Performance and the Model 3 with AWD option.

Wozniak goes after Tesla self driving ambiguities
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We are developers 2018: Don't trust Elon Musk

Last week at the We are developers 2018 Vienna conference, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had the chance to address 4,000 attendee’s life and almost all of the 8,000 attendees were watching the keynote via a video link overflow. What caught our eye was that Wozniak has a lot of disagreements with Musk.

Tesla shuts down assembly line when it should be flat out
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Needs to make improvements because there were too many robots

Just as Tesla needs to be flat out making its its new Model 3 sedan, the company will shut down production in its California factory for six days at the end of the May to work on fixes to its assembly line.

Tesla's model 3 boss goes on holiday
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Just when he should be rushed

Tesla's senior vice president of engineering, Doug Field has surprised everyone by taking a six week holiday just as the company is trying to boost production of the Model 3 sedan.

Nikola sues Tesla
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Invoking the name for self-driving trucks

Two firms which invoke the name Nikola Tesla - the inventor of alternating electrical current and pigeon lover are suing each other.

Pentagon will beat world to self driving cars
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Never mind Tesla, Uber or Google

The Pentagon will be using self-driving vehicles before they arrive in the streets according to Michael Griffin, the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering.

Apple man in Tesla's self-driving car seat
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Pete Bannon takes Keller's driving wheel

Now that Jim Keller left Tesla for Intel, the new chap in control of Tesla's self-driving car is former PA Semi and Apple apostate Pete Bannon.

Autopilot was engaged in second fatal self-driving crash
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Tough one for Tesla X

On Friday, March 23rd a man identified as an Apple engineer and former EA programmer Walter Huang died in a fatal accident when his Tesla X hit a median barrier on Highway 101 in Mountain View. Tesla has now officially confirmed that autopilot was engaged.

Tesla faces claims of racial harassment
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Failed to tackle racial antagonism

Three former Tesla factory workers have filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming they were subject to constant racial discrimination and harassment in the electric car company's factories.

Tesla dumps Nvidia for AMD
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Wants to develop its own chip

Tesla has delivered a blow to Nvidia’s plans to dominate the AI car industry by abandoning work in Nvidia chips and moving to develop its own.