Google gives up on modular mobiles
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A good idea shelved

Search engine outfit Google has mothballed a rather good idea to create modular mobile phones which allow parts to be updated when new tech comes available,

Coolest Phone In The World, Made By You
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No kidding, Seeed Studio lets you create a (re)phone.

This just might be the coolest, most fun product we've covered in quite a while. The awesome people at Seeed Studio have put MediaTek's Aster SoC, the chip that we know from MediaTek Labs' Linkit One developer platform, to good use - creating a modular phone you get to build any way you want. Like Google's Project Ara, but less restrictive, more open to learning and imagination and just generally better.

Google releases new Project Ara trailer
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Select journos get hands-on access

Google has released another Project Ara trailer-teaser and for the first time it granted hands-on access to a number of journalists.


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