FCC broadband panel chair arrested in $250 million fraud case
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FCC boss Ajit Pai appears to have built his own swamp

The former chair of a panel organised by FCC boss Ajit Pai to advise the agency on broadband matters has been arrested for alleged fraud. Elizabeth Ann Pierce, the former CEO of Quintillion Networks, was appointed by Pai last April to chair the committee.

AI is still half baked
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09 February 2018

AI is still half baked

Deep learning is shallower and more hyped than Italian television

AI is set to be a massive disappointment for those who think it is going to take over the world.

Man uses DDoS attacks to censor news he didn’t like
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No he was not an AMD, Nvidia, Intel or Apple fanboy

A 32-year-old Seattle man is in hot water after claims he launched a DDoS attack on a US-based legal services website to force it to remove a link about his past criminal conduct.

After firing humans Facebook news is all lies
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You probably were not expecting this

Social Notworking outfit Facebook got into trouble when it was claimed that humans picking the news were biased against US conservatives, so the humans were replaced by an algorithm.

TV news takes a turn for the worst
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Apple fanboys replace real cameras with iPhones

There is always a great danger when an Apple fanboy gets control of a hardware budget and a Swiss television station is going to find out the hard way.

French Magazine busted for writing about piracy
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Liberté de la presse

The French have surrendered any concept of a free press to silence a magazine that wrote about pirated film, television, and music.

Apple results show weaknesses
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OK for now, but still no plan

Apple released some reasonable results which seem to show that in the long term the company could be facing trouble.

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No-show was the best thing for the brand


For release Holiday Season 2013


Bethesda has no comment