Khronos to merge OpenCL and Vulkan into single API
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Sometime in the future

In a press release which announced OpenCL 2.2 and SPIR-V 1.2 finalized specifications, Khronos Group hinted that it might merge OpenCL with Vulkan API in the future.

3D VR  standards being drawn up
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Could glTF be the new JPEG

A new standard for 3D scenes similar to what happened with JPEG is being hammered out by a starndards group – The Khronos Group.

Khronos Group releases Vulkan 1.0 API
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Full hard launch

The Khronos Group has now officially released the Vulkan 1.0 API, including all the specifications, conformance tests, SDKs and all other resources.

Basemark working on the new GPU Vulkan benchmark
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New benchmark based on Vulkan API

Basemark, well known for its graphics and system bechmarks and testing utilities, has announced its new upcoming benchmark called the Basemark GPU Vulkan.

Vulkan nerve pinches DirectX in mobile
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Live long and render

While it seems that the world+dog is rushing to back Microsoft's new DirectX API there are ructions in the force which have opened the way for a new rival. 

opengl_logo_new  siggraph_2010_logo

Nvidia and AMD to release drivers shortly