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Japanese woman punishes love cheat fanboy
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In other news an Apple fanboy actually had a real girlfiend

A Japanese woman, who dated an Apple fanboy on the basis that at least he could not get another woman, was shocked to discover that he was cheating on her.

Sharp sword to LCD production
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Wants government investment

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that loss-making Japanese electronics maker Sharp is planning to spin off its LCD panel business.

Japanese do not give a flip about smartphones
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Smart moves

While the Japanese are famous for their love of brightly coloured gadgets, it seems that they are rejecting their smartphones in favour of traditional flip-phones.

I really think so

Japan, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has asked the fruity cargo cult Apple to set up a technical development centre in the Land of the Rising Sun.

lg logonew

With 5-inch IPS FullHD screen


Unknown if Microsoft plans to release it elsewhere

Wii U

Retailers now saying the 18th is correct

Wii U

In the US, one week later in Japan

Sony NGP logo

Long-term success is questionable at best