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Huawei's Honor takes aim at youth market
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Trick cyclists ahoy

Honor - Huawei's mobile phone company - held a massive event in the City of London yesterday and vowed to take on giants Samsung and Apple and beat them at their own game.

UK gets Honor
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05 April 2017

UK gets Honor

Latest edition to the Honor 8 flagship

Honor has released the Honor 8 Pro - the latest addition to the Honor 8 flagship series in the UK

Honor 8 is sell out
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29 November 2016

Honor 8 is sell out

Discounting and sales clear the shelves 

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Honor,flogged all of its 40,000 UK units of the Honor 8 in just hours.

Huawei offers cheap smartphone online
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Honor 4C

Huawei has launched a new Honor 4C smartphone which is supposed to be the company's answer to Xiaomi.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus coming to Europe in May
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€399 for killer spec phablet

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus is coming to Euroland, and the oversized quasi flagship launches are relatively attractive price point. 

Huawei to aggressively target US market
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Gloves off

Huawei is planning to win over the hearts and minds of US consumers with a big marketing campaign this year. 


Aaah, we feel much better now

Momentum could be building toward launch

No Honor in the American military

Suicide bomber jacket not included