GameStop falters
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27 March 2017

GameStop falters

Stores shutting 

GameStop is being forced to shutter at least 150 of its 7,500 US stores.

Gamestop buys ThinkGeek
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Made it an offer it could not refuse

Last week it was reported how Geeknet Inc. was in the process of being bought out by retailer Hot Topic for $16 a share or $37 million in cash.

GameStop sales dry up
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No one wants a new console

GameStop sales are drying up as gamers lose interest in the latest generation of consoles.

xboxone logo

It is flying off the shelves it went on sale

Expects Sony to sell 2+ million units before end of quarter

gamestop logo

Initial allotment of PS4 units is a sell out

GameStop shares drop by 5% over the news

Wii U

Only for PowerUp Rewards members

Wii U

Deluxe sold out, and Basic won’t last much longer

y lawbookhammer

Court ruling will change the way used titles are sold