AMD to show Vega 20 at Computex
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7nm Instinct only

AMD is getting ready to showcase the Vega 7nm GPU that will exclusively be used for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mali G76 GPU and 8K V76 video processor detailed
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New GPU and new 8K video beast

ARM introduced three things today. The Cortex A76 is meant for the 7nm CPU, Mali G76 GPU and Mali V76 8K video processing unit.

Nvidia to talk about next-generation mainstream GPU in August
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At Hot Chips 2018 conference 

It appears that Nvidia has inadvertently revealed a date and place where it will discuss its next-generation GPU plans and possibly reveal more details for its mainstream GPU, at the Hot Chips 2018 conference, scheduled for August 20th.

AMD latest official slides show CPU and GPU on track
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Zen 3, Navi, and next-gen on track

In addition to revealing that Ryzen Threadripper 2000 series is now sampling, AMD has given a bit more information on its future CPU and GPU plans with fresh two new slides, confirming that both Vega and Zen 2 7nm designs are complete as well as that its future designs are on track.

Gigabyte confirms Nvidia mobile chip
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Launched by the end of the year

An official Gigabyte UK Notebook representative has told the OverclockersUK forums that Nvidia's next-generation mobile GPUs will launch towards the end of this year.

Nvidia shutting GPP makes it look guilty
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Geforce Partner Program RIP

Geforce Partner Program is officially terminated, as of last Friday, and it makes Nvidia look guilty as hell. Nvidia - a massively dominating player - has close to 75 percent of discrete market share, but this varies up and down from quarter to quarter. Some report that regulators got involved and started looking at GPP. Once you have 75 percent plus market share in anything, you don't want regulators to knock on your doors.

Video card supply is about to improve
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Large mining operations stall buying

It is starting to look like there will be more GPUs in the marketplace as Bitcoin and Etherum are losing some of its momentum, and large mining operations are holding their investment in GPUs until dedicated mining cards ASICs are out.

Chris Hook joins Intel
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Leading marketing for visual and dGFX

Chris Hook departed AMD after 17 years with ATI – AMD (DAMMIT) and  will start on the Mayday at Intel.

Intel shares plan to use the GPU for security
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Threat Detection Technology

Chipzilla has been sharing some of its ideas to use the GPU to detect new classes of threats.

Nvidia-Intel licensing was really just a payment
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Settlement wrapped in a paper

Last year Nvidia stopped getting so called licensing money from Intel. After five years the financial injection was  delivered in total. This all came after the Intel and Nvidia conflict that started over chipsets, but essentially was a settlement that ended up being called licensing. It never was GPU licensing.