Epic games boss slams Windows 10 Cloud plans
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Calls it Crush Steam Edition

Epic Games founder has slammed Microsoft over its rumoured move to build a version of Windows 10 that can only install apps from the Windows Store.

Nvidia teases GTX Titan X at GDC 2015
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12GB frame buffer and 8 billion transistors

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was a guest at Epic Games' GDC press event and he used the occassion to unveil the new GTX Titan X graphics card.

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People Can Fly moved on to something new

28 February 2012

Epic Games to be at GDC

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Showing preview of Unreal Engine 4

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Can’t say which next-gen systems


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Epic working to pinpoint the problem


UE3 comes to web browsers

Will be called “Horde Command Pack”
22 September 2011

Epic confirms no Unreal


Not currently working on that IP

Epic looks for partner to finish it