BlackBerry must face lawsuit over its Blackberry 10
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The case will not go away

A US judge rejected BlackBerry request to dismiss a lawsuit claiming it inflated its stock price and defrauded shareholders by painting a misleadingly positive picture of sales prospects for its BlackBerry 10.

Blackberry turns into a patent hunter
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Goes after social media sites

After failing to make money as a smartphone vendor, Blackberry has joined the long line of people suing sizeable social media sites for patent infringement.

BlackBerry launches security software for self-driving cars
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Jarvis is part of its turnaround efforts

Failed mobile phone maker BlackBerry has launched a new cybersecurity software, which identifies vulnerabilities in programmes used in self-driving cars.

Blackberry is back from the dead
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Deal confirms ex-mobile maker has a new life

BlackBerry  and Chinese internet search outfit Baidu signed a deal to jointly develop self-driving vehicle technology, sending BlackBerry’s shares up 13 percent to a four year high as shareholders realised that the company really does now have  a life after it abandoned smartphones.

Blackberry troll transformer quits
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Off to join something more healthy

The bloke in charge of turning Blackberry from a loss making mobile phone company to a patent troll has given up and moved to the health industry.

Blackberry shareholders revolt
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Chipzilla enters the fight and provides real competition 

Blackberry shares have been plunging from their more than two year high hit in June after lackluster earnings have raised doubts about prospects for a turnaround, particularly as Intel appears to be eating into its markets. 

BlackBerry pipped in car market
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Only days after thinking it was going to save its bacon

Only a few days after BlackBerry announced that getting into the motoring business was helping it climb back from the dead, it has had to downplay news that Toyota would adopt rival software for its future vehicle consoles.

BlackBerry doing well by not being BlackBerry
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Car market to save company bacon

A top Wall Street analyst has said that the maker of the Crackberry is set to clean up in the car market.

Blackberry working on car security
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Gone in 60 seconds

Failed mobile maker Blackberry is working with at least two automakers to develop a security service that would remotely scan vehicles for computer viruses and tell drivers to pull over if they were in critical danger.

Blackberry wins arbitration case against Qualcomm
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Claims it was overcharged.

BlackBerry shares surged 18 per cent after the troubled phone maker won a $815 million award from Qualcomm.