Samsung gets into Bitcoin
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Will build mining chips

Samsung has seen all those people making a lot of cash out of the bit mining bubble and thought "I'll be 'aving some of that".

Nvidia cannot stop partners selling to miners
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But will sure try

It was cute to see everyone covering the fact that Nvidia is up in arms against (r) etailers who are selling to miners. Unfortunately, there is hardly anything Nvidia can do to stop the trend.

Bitcoin plummets as regulators rattle sabres
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The rise and fall of the fall and rise

Cryptocurrency bitcoin has seen its value fall by 26 percent from a high last week.

Bulgarian government winners of Bitcoin lotto
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Better cash them quick

If anyone turns out to be a winner of the Bitcoin lottery it should be the Bulgarian government.

Bitcoin is like the South Sea Bubble
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Snap, crackle and pop goes the weasel

Back in 1720 the English House of Lords passed the South Sea Act and created the South Sea Company. claimed to have a monopoly agreement with South America and led to  shares rising as much as 10 times as speculators lost their marbles and invested in lots of companies with risible prospectuses. The bubble burst and many people that invested as a result of the craziness lost the lot.

Uber set to succumb to Softbank offer
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No kidding

Late on Friday, because these kinds of things all happen on Friday, it seems that mighty Japanese giant Softbank is seeking to acquire taxi company Uber.

IBM might be headed for a kicking
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Wall Street predicting Square will make its eyes water

One of the top performing hedge funds is betting that shares of the ever-shrinking Biggish Blue are set to fall.

Samsung makes mining rig out of old smartphones
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"Upcycling" initiative

To show off how recycling old smartphones can be a lucrative exercise, Samsung has rigged up 40 old Galaxy S5 devices and turned them into bitcoin mining machine.

Bitcoin hits $6,000 while mining peaks
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Crypto GPU market here to stay

AMD and Nvidia are heavily profitinging from the crypto market right now. Today, a few quarters into the whole Bitcoin and Ethereum, it looks like the cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Bitcoin splits
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02 August 2017

Bitcoin splits

So much for financial unity 

Bitcoin has split into two different types after months of debate and development over how the currency would continue to evolve.