iPhone X reviews mostly from celebrities
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“Limited reviews” from those who know what they are talking about

The fruity cargo cult Apple has been attempting to manipulate reviews for the iPhone X by giving review phones only to those who are ignorant about technology.

Tame Apple Press is now an accessory to a con trick
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Comment: It is no longer a joke

Now that the iPhone X is semi-available for sale a shed-load of reviews have popped up which claim it is brilliant.

Apple to purge Qualcomm from iPhone
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Punishment for not doing what it was told

The fruity cargo cult Apple is unleashing its revenge on Qualcomm for not doing what it is told and allow Jobs' Mob to pay what it likes for its chips.

Windows XP peak invulnerable to fire
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It seems that nothing will kill it

One of the iconic images of the operating system which will not die, Windows XP, seems to have survived a raging fire which obliterated the surrounding countryside.

Microsoft working on Apple’s next “breakthrough”
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Foldable notebook pen and digital-ink functionality

Software king of the world, Microsoft, is working on a foldable device with an emphasis on pen and digital-ink functionality that runs Windows 10.

Apple iPhone X shipping is delayed
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Slipping and sliding

Apple has finally opened up pre-orders for its iPhone X which will be available in over 50 countries and territories but the shipping date has already moved to December.

Iphone ships with spying feature
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Lets spooks see what you are doing without you knowing

The fruity cargo cult Apple’s iOS operating system has a natty feature which allows spooks to turn on your phone so they can see what you are doing.

Apple denies dumbing down its iPhone X face recognition
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Bloomberg says it bloody did!

The fruity cargo cult Apple has denied hat it has dumbed down one of the few features that its iPhone X has over the iPhone 8.

Apple cuts down iPhone X feature
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Because it can

A report claimed that Apple has reduced the accuracy of the Face ID feature that was supposed to be one of the key elements of its upcoming iPhone X.

Apple can’t write a calculator program
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Just like it can’t write decent clock software.

Apple’s software skills continue to sink to new lows – now it can’t summon up enough of a skills base to write a calculator programmer which can actually add up.