iPhone X can’t handle British winter
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Expensive phone freezes

British Apple fanboys who emptied their bank accounts to buy Apple’s hugely overpriced gadget are finding that it cannot handle the cold British weather.

Apple will invent Google Glass by 2020
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Will not plug it into the iPhone because it might not be around

Fruity tax dodging cargo cult Apple is going to invent Google Glass by 2020, but sees it as a device which will not connect to a phone.

AMD’s Koduri will be missed
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Great Architect of the graphics business has great sense of humour

The news that Raja Koduri has quit AMD didn’t come as a complete surprise to us because of his sabbatical announced some time ago.

Israelis claim Apple nicked their camera technology
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Saving money on R&D

The fruity tax dodging cargo cult Apple has been accused of stealing technology from a small Israeli company and declaring that it invented it.

Apple tax dodges mentioned in Paradise Papers
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Sidestepped Irish tax increases

The Paradise Papers have revealed some of the Fruity Cargo cult Apple’s dodgy deals to avoid paying the ridiculously low Irish taxes.

Apple wins slide to lock case
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For the grand sum of $120 million

Apple has finally claimed victory over Samsung and now officially invented the slide to lock technology.

Apple admits iPhone X has screen problems
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You get what you pay for

Apple has admitted that its overpriced iPhone X is suffering from the same screen problems as its rivals who had the misfortune of also putting out OLED screens.

Apple wants Broadcom to get Qualcomm
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Analysis: One stop Wireless giant that dances for Apple

As you can imagine,  the possibility that Broadcom might take over Qualcomm is quite a bit a nuclear shake up in our industry and we wanted to ask around.

Linux desktop has not jumped in popularity
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Rumours of its popularity greatly exaggerated

Linux fanboys were dancing in the streets when NetMarketShare's desktop operating system analysis, which showed Linux leaping from 2.5 percent in July, to almost five percent in September.

Apple Watch shuts down when you ask it the weather
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Another daylight savings glitch

Comedy developers at Apple have cocked up the programming for summer time yet again, and this time it has resulted in the Apple Watch shutting down when you ask it about the weather.