Don't give me steam
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Apple blocks Steam Apps

Apple has blocked the plans of the biggest distributor of PC-based video games to extend its reach into iPhones because, while it would give users access to a lot of games, Steam did not want to gut its bottom line and give Apple all its profits.

Apple signs deal with VW
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Fruity cargo cult will work with Hitler's favourite car company

The super-green Apple will work alongside a European car maker which has been fined for fiddling its emission ratings to take control of its employee's self-driving shuttles.

Apple knew its iPhone would bend
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It still denied it

Fruity cargo cult Apple knew that its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were designed in such a way that they would bend, according to internal documents.

US court rules against Samsung over iPhone design
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Neither side happy

A US court has ruled that Samsung must pay Apple $539 million for infringing five patents with Android phones it sold in 2010 and 2011, but there are major reasons why Apple will not be happy with the verdict.

TSMC starts work on Apple's A12
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The dark satanic rumour mill has started a hell on earth yarn claiming that TSMC has started work on Apple's custom built Apple A12 CPU built on a 7-nm process.

Google sued for tracking Apple fanboys
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It cared what they did, apparently.

Google is being sued in the UK high court for as much as $4.3 billion for the alleged "clandestine tracking and collation" of personal information from 4.4 million iPhone users.

Apple fanboy Trump refuses to part with his two iPhones
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Despite security fears

Despite the fact that he is placing the United States in the hands of Apple's unique security system, President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump refuses to give up his two iPhones, even if his security staff plead with him to be a little more sensible.

Apple developers form a union
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Cheesed off with the company's heavy handed antics

Fed up with the way that Apple treats developers, a group of iOS developers have marked the tenth anniversary of the Apple app store by forming a trade union.

Lenovo rejects notches
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It was a silly idea

While some smartphone makers think that since Apple put a notch on its phones,  they have to follow suit, Lenovo believes the whole thing is silly.

Apple sued over its terrible but nice looking keyboards
Published in PC Hardware

What do you mean you want them to work too?

Fruity cargo cult Apple has been hit with a class-action lawsuit over the butterfly-switch keyboards found on the current generation MacBook Pro and MacBook lineups.