Intel X299 platform is an overclockers' nightmare
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Motherboard manufacturers or Intel to blame?

A well-known overclocker, der8auer, went out on a limb saying that current motherboards based on Intel's X299 chipset are not properly designed and due to high-temperature VRM, and mostly due to a bad heatsink design, are an overclocking nightmare.

Intel describes Kaby Lake as a "2017 Platform"
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Early 2017 launch

A lot of people have said that  Intel’s third generation 14nm CPU might launch in early 2017 and even Intel calls the Kaby Lake a 2017 platform, in typically elliptic Chipzilla talk.

Qualcomm releases new Connected Car Platform
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Ready for proto-typing

Qualcomm has released its Connected Car Reference Platform so that the car industry to build prototypes for the next-generation connected car.

Fastest Core i7 Skylake-S for Businesses comes in Q3 15
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Core i7 6700 TDP is 65W, down from 84W with Haswell

The Intel Business PC platform will get a serious update in the form of a new Skylake-S based processor.

Wii U

Now a confirmed launch title


Might do a Mac version, however


Resumes like standby, consumes like Hibernate

Might be looking at it with a new AppleTV-like box

Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge

Might be the first Xbox portable offering