Intel gives up trying to fix older chips
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Spectre has won Mr. Bond just upgrade already

Chipzilla has looked at its options and decided that it can't be bothered trying to fix some of its older processors to address the "Spectre variant 2" attack.

Dell updates its XPS 15 notebook with Intel 8th gen Core CPUs
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Including the six-core Core i9-8950HK 

In addition to the new budget-oriented G-series gaming notebooks, Dell has also updated its quite popular XPS 15 notebook with new Intel 8th generation Core Coffee Lake CPUs, including the six-core Core i9-8950HK.

EVGA announces the mITX H370 Stinger motherboard
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Coffee Lake-S on a mITX motherboard with plenty of features

Following Intel's launch of its next 8th generation Core Coffee Lake CPUs as well as more chipsets that will support these CPUs, EVGA has unveiled its newest mITX H370 Stinger motherboard which will pack quite a few interesting features on a mITX form-factor.

Apple to kick out Intel in 2020
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Intel has one percent Apple profits

The market is upset about the leaked news that Apple might dump Intel in its future notebooks in 2020. Apple is working on its own Kalamata chip that could power phones, tablets and Macs in the future.

Intel updates its 8th gen Core Coffee Lake desktop lineup
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New 300-series chipsets in tow

In addition to performance and ultra low-power mobile U-series parts, Intel has also released a couple of new 8th generation Core Coffee Lake desktop SKUs, mostly in the low-power segment.

Intel also shows 28W low-power U-series 8th gen CPUs
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Quad-core, Iris Plus IGP, and a new chipset

In addition to the new 8th gen performance mobile Coffee Lake parts, Intel has also announced four new SKUs that will be a part of its U-series (ultra-low power) mobile CPUs, featuring four-core/eight-thread design, new Iris Plus IGP with 128MB of eDRAM, new 300-series chipset, and Intel Optane memory support to the thin notebook market.

Intel announces new Core iX+ branding
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CPU paired up with Optane memory caching

Intel was quite keen to talk about its Optane Memory at the Bejing event and has introduced the new Core iX+ branding scheme and stickers which will mark the combination of Intel's 8th gen CPU with Intel Optane memory.

Intel announces 8th gen performance mobile CPUs
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Including the Core i9 mobile CPU

At a special event in Beijing, Intel unveiled its new high-performance 8th generation mobile CPUs, including the new Core i9-8950HK and the new Xeon E-2168, both aiming at the highest-end mobile market.

Intel chips have new side channel bug
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BranchScope similar to Meltdown and Spectre,

Insecurity experts have found that Intel chips are vulnerable to another side-channel attack similar to Meltdown and Spectre.

AMD announces details of Chimera flaws
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So it probably was a dodgy short-selling move

Last week AMD was hit by claims that its chips had a security flaw which would take years to fix, however it is starting to look like the security outfit which identified the flaws was singling out the chipmaker.