Google freezes Project Tango development
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Can't bear augmented reality hardware any more

Search engine outfit Google has dealt a blow to those who want to see AR everywhere by pulling the plug on its Project Tango.

Amazon buries the hatchet with Google and Apple
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It is still money

Amazon confirmed Thursday that it will again sell the Apple TV set-top box and Google Chromecast dongle. The company had stopped selling the devices after disputes with the pair.

Google provides details of TPU2
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Sexed up AI chip

Google has come up with a few more details of its second-generation Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU2.

Google helps hack the iPhone
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Tame Apple Press furious

The Tame Apple Press is spitting bile that the search engine outfit Google has released information which will help people hack the iPhone.

Father of Android on leave after “inappropriate relationship”
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Rubi's Google exit was under a cloud

Essential founder and CEO Andy Rubin is on leave from his new company for “personal reasons” after a news story revealed that his 2014 exit from Google was a little murky.

Android phones track your every move
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Big Bother is watching you

A report said that even if you turn off location services on an Android phone and even if you haven't a SIM card, Google has been sending your data back to Big Bother central.

Apple’s HomePod is at least two years behind Amazon
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They are a bit scared to release it

The reason for the delay for Apple’s HomePod smart speaker until next year might because Jobs’ Mob has realised that it has a lemon on its hands.

Kremlin takes on Google
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22 November 2017

Kremlin takes on Google

Publish our fake news or face the consequences

A spat has broken out between the search engine Google and the Russian government over Tsar Putin’s right to flood Google News with fake news.

Google to purge Putin's propaganda
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Ending the Kremlin's reign over Google News

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, says the company will purge Russian propaganda from Google News after facing criticism that Kremlin-owned media sites were given royal treatment on the search giant’s news and advertising platforms.

Trust US, social media corporations say
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Opinion Well, let’s take that with a pinch of salt

The leading social media companies in the world - all American mega corporations - have pledged to suppress so-called “fake news” and replace the stories with “geek news”.