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Nvidia 9800GT to come soon

by on21 July 2008


July 29th

According to our sources, Nvidia's renamed 8800 GT, the 9800 GT should be launched on July 29th. Of course, as it is just a plain renaming/rebranding we are still looking at the same G92 chip made at 65nm.

There isn't anything excitingly new with this card, as it will only come with Hybrid power support; but we wouldn't call that a new thing. There has been some talk that Nvidia is going to postpone or cancel the launch of this card but, as for now, we should see these cards announced on July 29th. The 55nm version of 9800GT will come a bit later, but the precise date is unknown at the press time.

The price is still unknown, but you could expect it to fit somewhere at €120-€150 price range. The 8800GT was a great card when it came out but market just got crowded and consumers are getting quite annoyed by Nvidia's renaming/rebranding game.

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