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PowerColor readies overclocked HD4850

by on16 July 2008


2GB, PCS cooling, 665MHz GPU clock

While checking
out some HD4800 series prices, we stumbled upon an interesting listing, a non-reference HD4850 card from PowerColor we wrote about earlier, here.

The card features PowerColor's, or should we say ZEROTherm's PCS cooler, 2 GB of GDDR3 memory and its clocks have been slightly bumped up.

According to the listing, which is never one hundred percent reliable, the card is clocked at 665MHz for the core and 993MHz for the memory. This is a bit odd, as the memory seems to be stuck at reference clocks, and we were expecting it to end up just over 1000MHz. At least the GPU clock is spot on.

As the card packs 2GB of memory, there's a chance PowerColor opted for some cheaper GDDR3 memory, to keep the cost down. It's also possible the listing is not accurate and the memory is indeed overclocked, so take this with a grain of salt, a big one.

We're not sure about the price either, but considering stock-clocked Asus and Sapphire HD4850 cards with 1024MB of memory and reference cooling retail for €180-€190, we're guessing it should end up costing over €200. As the link is already dead, here's a picture, albeit a low-res one.

Last modified on 17 July 2008
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