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HDD with 1GB of cache in Japan

by on27 August 2007

For enterprise usage

A Japanese company called DTS has launched a range of high-end hard drives with 1GB of cache memory. The so called MCell drives aren't quite what they first appear to be though.

First of all, inside the 3.5in sized drive, DTS has fitted a 2.5in hard drive and this has been combined with a special chip from DTS as well as 1GB of RAM memory as a local cache. The drive sizes range from 80 to 160GB.

This will allow for very high prestanda during repetitive read and write operations, as long you're not writing more than 1GB at a time.

The drives use SATA interface and the company claims transfer rate for random reads and writes of data between 64KB and 512MB reaches above 110MB/s.

You can find more info here in Japanese.

Last modified on 27 August 2007
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