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ATI's AIW is back

by on26 June 2008


All-in-Wonder resurrected

AMD has announced that it is resurrecting its All-in-Wonder series, this time as a high-definition piece of hardware called ATI All-in-Wonder HD.

Based on the derived RV635 (HD 3650) core made in 55nm technology, this PCI-Express 2.0 capable card comes with 120 stream processors, and works at 725MHz for the core and 600MHz for DDR2 memory paired up with a 128-bit memory interface.

This single slot multimedia beast can receive analog (NTSC), digital/HDTV (ATSC) and unencrypted digital cable (ClearQAM) signals with time shifting functionality. As every other tuner card out there, ATI's new AIW is capable of receiving FM radio station signal.

Beside the coaxial port, the card also comes with a single dual-link DVI and an HDMI port capable of passing the video and a 5.1 channel digital surround audio. The new AIW will also come with an ATI AIW HD Accessory kit which gives additional connectivity options, but this one might be sold separately.

A while ago we were told that that the AIW series will be revived as soon as they are back on their feet and as soon as they have a product worthy of the AIW series. This card is the current "Holy Grail" of HTPC systems, and we sincerely hope that ATI is working on an HD 4800 AIW card.

According to the press release from DAAMIT, Diamond Multimedia and VisionTek should be first to start selling these in late July with a price tag of US$199.


Last modified on 26 June 2008
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