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ATI is looking in expanding game marketing

by on26 June 2008


Challenge for TWIMTBP

ATI's VP of graphics marketing Matt Skynner has told Fudzilla that ATI is looking at how to improve its presence in direct game marketing. They want to do more for Independent Software Vendors if there is still such a thing. ATI has learned a lot from The way it’s meant to be played and they know that this marketing tool works quite well.

Developers are cool with ATI but publishers do like co-marketing money that makes the TWIMTBP world spin and ATI will try to boost some funds and get closer to publishers and developers.

For the time being we believe that ATI will try to focus on a few big and important publishers such as Blizzard as the company has limited funds but we are sure that this will get more solid position for ATI in its eternal fight with Nvidia.

There will be some cool announcements in the months to come as ATI finally woke up and realized that this is the way to go. Its better late than never, but ATI’s involvement with game publishers and developers making the DirectX 10.1 story more successful is at least a start.  


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