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First HD 4870 listings appear in the E.U.

by on25 June 2008


Starting at €216

It's HD 4870
day and many retailers are rushing to list the new card just as the NDA is being lifted. Not that it makes much of a difference: we already know everything about it and nobody has it in stock yet. As previously reported, the HD 4870 will suffer from limited availability in the first days and weeks on the market, mainly due to the GDDR5 shortage.

We managed to find cards from Sapphire, PowerColor, Gecube and Asus listed. Sapphire's 4870 is currently listed at €216 and this sounds very reasonable, indeed. Cards from other vendors are priced anywhere from €229 to €269, but we're expecting them all to sell at €220-€230 once they become available.

All of the listed cards are reference designs and it seems only Asus is offering a bundled game, Alone in The Dark, but we'll have to wait for official press releases to see just what is offered.

We will post our review of the HD 4870 later in the day, so stay tuned.

You can find the listings here.
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