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Lachesis is latest viper from Razer

by on24 August 2007

Amazing 4000 dpi of control

Lately, all of
the big players in the gaming mouse field have announced new or upgraded mice. First it was Logitech with the new G9 and updated G5, then Microsoft with the new SideWinder gaming mouse and now Razer has answed with the introduction of the new Lachesis mouse.

Razer has gone all out with the new design of the Lachesis, which harkens back to the Boomslang era with a similar shape that should be more able to accommodate players with larger hands. Razer ups the ante with an amazing 4000 dpi resolution. The Lachesis has a 4000 dpi non-interpolated resolution, unlike many other mice which claim high resolution performance numbers, but use interpolation to reach these numbers.

The Lachesis features Razer’s normal bag of advanced tricks, including the new hardware based on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, claw grip design, 32kb of on board memory, ultrapolling at 1000 Hz and 16 bit ultra-data path to reduce lag.

The Lachesis will be available with a black body with the lighting options of either Phantom White or Banshee Blue. The Lachesis is expected to ship in October with a suggested retail price of US$79.99.

Last modified on 24 August 2007
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