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XGP connector details, schematic, pictures

by on12 June 2008


AMD has 1-year exclusive rights

As we
were unable to see an XGP graphics box, the least we could do is share some AMD 3D renderings of the gadget and a schematic of the XGP cable.

AMD claims exclusive rights to the cable and connector technology for 1 year and it promises the cable itself will be cheap. The connector measures 32.3 x 12.2 x 6.1mm and will probably end up being the biggest connector on most laptops. It's still rather small, considering what it's intended to do and the bandwidth needed for external graphics.

The XGP cable can be between 0.5 and 2 meters long and its diameter is 7.3mm. It has a latch mechanism and AMD thinks in can take as many as 10,000 insertions, which should be more than enough for anyone.

Here's the schematic, and if you've got trouble reading the small print, it says "Japan Aviation Electronics Industry."


And here are the 3D renderings. It's quite odd for a graphics company to have such hideous 3D renderings of anything, let alone its own products, but here they are anyway:


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