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Mattel puts the smack down on pornographic web site

by on22 August 2007

We think Ken™ would approve

Mattel Corporation, the toy manufacturer and trademark owner of all things “Barbie™,” have reportedly sued a web site that has been using the Barbie trademark for pornographic purposes on its web site.

The law suit alleges, among other claims, that the site is using the Mattel Barbie trademark for its own purposes and that these purposes are not in concert with the image Mattel has created for the children’s doll.

The site apparently lists Global China Network as the owner with an address in Florida.  In addition to being sued by Mattel, the website owners may face federal charges for violating the Child Protection and Safety Act, a bill just passed by Congress that makes it a felony for web pages to use words that appeal to children, such as “Barbie,” but instead include sexual content on their site.

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Last modified on 22 August 2007
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