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More on Nvidia vs. Intel verbal warfare

by on11 April 2008


To be the king of IGP market


The past two weeks have seen both Intel and Nvidia waving their flagship products and technologies in an attempt to establish themselves as THE providers of IGP products in the future.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has said that his company is spending nearly a billion dollars each year and  that’s more than enough to take on Intel. He even added how they’re going to open up a can of whoop ass. There’s nothing like cursing to boost your analysts’ confidence, eh!?

It all started at last week’s IDF in Shangai when Pat Gelsinger said how the graphics of today are coming to an end and how spending money on CPUs, rather than GPUs, makes much more sense. Of course, their upcoming Nehalem architecture will come with integrated GMA 4500 (G45) graphics.

Nvidia, on  the other hand, downplays Intel’s Larrabee by simply ignoring it and focusing on IGP claims. They claim that while GMA 3100 (G33) is more than enough to watch high definition videos and will be enough to spin Vista Aero, decoding 1080P HD content or providing decent video capabilities for a media station is a task too ambitious for GMA 3100.

Huang claims that Intel's integrated solutions are "a joke," and goes on to say that even if Intel manages to increase their integrated graphics tenfold by 2010, that still won’t be enough to beat Nvidia.

Of course, what kind of argument would it be if they didn’t fire on each company’s shortcomings when it comes to Vista OS, and it seems that both companies are right when it comes to this. On one side, GMA 3100 compatibility was proven to be exaggerated by a recent lawsuit; on the other hand, Nvidia’s incomplete drivers caused some Vista crashes.

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