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9600GT drops in price

by on11 April 2008


To make breathing space for 8800GT

When the Geforce 9600GT was launched the biggest problem we had with it was the price. The original €150+ price was simply too high as for additional 20 to €30 you could get yourself much faster 8800GT based card.

The cheapest 9600GT currently sells for €116 and at this price it really makes sense to buy a Geforce 9600GT-based card. The average price for non overclocked card is around €130 and even more for an overclocked card.

The 8800GT currently costs €180 or more if you want an overclocked product and the difference of €50+ makes much more breathing space for the mainstream 9600GT.

Thanks to ATI’s aggressive pricing of its 3870 and 3850, the mainstream graphics market has the lowest prices in years and the market really benefits from it.

€116 is really a bargain for a product such as Nvidia's 9600GT.

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