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Nvidia to fight Intel with software

by on12 March 2008


The launch, bigger than a GPU, is software

Nvidia’s next big launch is a piece of software. After Geforce 9800 GX2, GTX and 780a and 790i, and Ultra board launch there will be one launch that Nvidia believes can change the world. No, it is not a CPU.

Nvidia will launch a piece of software, a benchmark if you like, that proves that GPU is more important than CPU. This is what Intel might find a bit troublesome.

We don’t know many detail,s but this software will show you that a low-end CPU powered by a high-end GPU is better than a high-end CPU and low-end graphics. We are on Nvidia’s side, we agree; and even AMD’s Vice President of Advanced Marketing, Patrick Moorehead, made quite a bit of noise about the fact that the GPU is more important than a CPU, here at Hexus TV.

As we said yesterday, here, Nvidia is already telling the world how a low-end CPU in a Gateway notebook with an 8800 mobile graphics card makes for a great gaming experience and this is the path that Nvidia wants to go.

Once this software launches, the game will spice up a bit and Intel and Nvidia will start a public fight, with AMD hiding behind Nvidia’s back.


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