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MSI preps 2GB 9600GT

by on03 March 2008


Marketing engineering

is apparently prepping a 2GB version of Nvidia's latest mainstream card, the Geforce 9600GT.

If a regular on our site, or any tech site for that matter, you're probably fully aware that sticking that much memory on a mid-range card these days is pointless. However, most consumers obviously aren't well informed and AIBs tend to take advantage of that fact by selling cheap graphics cards with insane amounts of memory, thus making life much easier for their marketing guys.

The other thing that sets this card apart from plain 9600GT's is the inclusion of a DisplayPort connector. We still don't know the exact clocks, but at the moment MSI is offering two 9600GT cards with "just" one gigabyte of memory. The OC version works on 700/950/1750MHz, while the other one is reference clocked, 650/900/1625MHz, so it's safe to assume that the 2GB version will end up on similar clocks.


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