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Sapphire does another HyperMemory card

by on27 February 2008


Goes for faster HD 3650


This new graphics card from Sapphire might end up to be the best card that you can place in your HTPC. The only drawback is that this card is actively cooled, which might be a problem for those users that like their "living room HTPC" to be quiet as it can possibly be.

The new card will probably end up with a reference GPU clock of 725MHz, so there is no surprise there. As this was meant to be a budget graphics card, Sapphire decided to use 256MB of cheaper DDR2 memory, probably the same 500MHz clock that we saw on the HD 3450 HyperMemory. The cooler on the new card is a bit shorter than the one we have seen on the normal HD 3650 card from Sapphire.

The more interesting thing is the fact that HD 3650 HyperMemory doesn't have Crossfire connectors. But then again, this is a budget board that can use up to 1GB of system memory. Since the price of system memory is low this might do well in any HTPC system.



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