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In-house Geforce 9800GX2 pictures

by on26 February 2008


The black box

We scored some nice photos of the Geforce 9800 GX2, and there is more where these came from. We did confirm everything that we were talking about since September, including the fact that the card has two chips and that it's a sandwich design.

It looks like an incredibly well designed card, shaped like a black box with two PCBs packed inside. The chips work at 600MHz and there is a big fan on the back of the card that blows air throughout the entire  card to keep it cool.

The card naturally has some power connectors at the top and we noticed that Nvidia slightly changed its traditional Geforce logo, but we admit it looks great. This iswhat Nvidia's new flagship looks like.


Last modified on 26 February 2008
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