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Silent Zilent MSI 8800 GT

by on15 February 2008


Preview: Zalman Special Edition

We had the pleasure to try out a new silent solution form MSI named Zilent 8800 GT. It uses a Zalman four heatpipe cooler with a silent fan and the best of all is its price.

For the same amount of money that you would have to spend for a normal stock 8800GT card, MSI offers an overclocked silent card. The core clock is 660MHz (60MHz over stock 600MHz) and the Shader clock is raised from 1500MHz to 1650MHz. Memory is also a little bumped up and runs at 950MHz.



The Zilence cooler looks nice and cools the GPU to some 10°C under stock temperatures. Needless to say performance is also better because here we are looking at an overclocked card.

Last modified on 17 February 2008
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