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Hybrid Crossfire seen in action

by on15 February 2008


Chipset + graphic=1.6 times performance

We had a chance to briefly see the Hybrid Crossfire something that AMD plans to launch in a few weeks and this is a new concept where IGP renders together with a discrete graphic card. The goal is to get the better performance and this usually translates to 1.5 times or more performance increase over the discrete graphic itself.

We saw a silent Radeon 2400 working together with an IGP 3200 branded chip and we learned that any 3450 and 3470 will also work in this setup. Every RV610 and RV620 based GPU will work in this setup and for the time being Hybrid Crossfire will work with these GPUs only. You won’t be able to plug any faster cards as the target is entry level.

If you are not after the performance you can simply add a discrete cards and get yourself four display support. In this case Crossfire has to be disabled. It looks quite interesting.

It will be branded Hybrid Graphic but we like Hybrid Crossfire as it makes much more sense to us.



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