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Almost half of PC users don't defrag

by on17 August 2007


And 16% have no idea what defragmentation is

More than 42% of PC users don't defrag their hard drives, according to a survey by Vizu Corp.

As we all know that this tends to significantly slow down any machine, since the even the fastest hard drive is the bottleneck of any modern system, defraged or not.

Almost 16% of interviewed users said they had no idea what defragmentation is and another 26% said they never defrag their systems.

When defraging 44.9% use the OS defragmentation tool, while just 13.1% opt for a standalone utility.

Defragmentation is becoming more important due to ever increasing application and OS demands and the availability of huge and very cheap hard drives.

I trust that IT enthusiasts already know they're supposed to defrag on a regular basis, but it might be a good idea to check if your employees, less geeky coworkers or family members do it.

Last modified on 17 August 2007
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