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HD 3870 X2 gets water cooling

by on29 January 2008


Cool IT and Danger Den water blocks coming


Since the HD 3870 X2 has been released, two major water-cooling block manufacturers have announced that they are launching coolers for this dual GPU beast. First in line is CoolIT, closely followed by Danger Den.

The two RV670 chips on a single PCB are a perfect candidate for custom cooling, in this case a water block. CoolIT announced the first installment in the Reference series line of water cooling solutions. According to the press release from CoolIT, in recent testing they managed to push HD 3870 X2 over 900MHz for the core and 1GHz for memory without any thermal issues. This sounds like a good result, but we would prefer to see it in a  non-lab/non-PR testing scenario.

The second company to announce its water-block for the HD 3870 X2 is Danger Den. Danger Den's water cooling block has a slight different design, but uses the same method to cool the two RV670s to the lowest possible temperature. This water block is expected sometime next week and its price is still a mystery.

The Cool-IT water block has also managed to hit over 23,500 in 3DMark 06 and you can check out the video of it

. Both of these water cooling solutions are converting the HD 3870 X2 from a dual slot to a single slot card, thus making the Quad-Crossfire possible.

CoolIT Water-block

Danger Den

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