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HD 3690 limited to China

by on25 January 2008


Gets benched on Chinese site


According to partners, at least the European based ones, the HD 3690 will be reserved for the Chinese market, while the rest of the world has HD 3650 to play with.

According to the review that was done at Chinese hardware site PCPOP, the HD 3690-based on RV670 Pro GPU will sell at around $124, and the performance of this card has exceeded the expectations. The card is compared to HD 3850 256MB, 8800 GS 384MB and 8600 GTS 256MB versions; and surprisingly, it scores really well. The reviewed card works at the same clocks as HD 3850, 670/1650MHz, and the difference is 3-4FPS in most of the benchmarks.

You can check out the translated review here.

Last modified on 26 January 2008
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