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Gigabyte launches new 8800 GT cards

by on21 January 2008

With Voltage Gear Overdrive

Gigabyte has just added two new 8800 GT cards to its Website and you might wonder why they've bothered doing this. Well, these two new cards are quite different from the previous models, and we're not just talking about their looks.

But let's start with the most obvious, the new cooler. It uses a pair of heatpipes and it appears to have copper fins and a rather large fan. This means that the cards are dual slot, but it should hopefully be a very quiet cooling solution.

The new cards also seem to have a four-phase PWM, that's one extra over the previous cards from Gigabyte, and these cards are the first graphics cards from Gigabyte to feature DES; this allows the cards to use less power when you're in Windows, but there's more to these cards than meet the eye.

If you look really closely toward the front of the card, above the fan power connector, you'll see a small brown/gold colored chip. This is known as the VGO chip. VGO stands for Voltage Gear Overdrive and it's part of Gigabyte's new overclocking range of graphics cards. Combine this with the GamerHUD and you've got a solution that not only allows you to overclock your card, but also to tweak the Voltage of your graphics card from a handy Windows utility.

The GamerHUD even has a handly selector between 2D power saving mode and 3D mode, and you can overlock the GPU, the Shaders and the memory from within the same utility. You can find a picture of the software here.

There will be two cards, the GV-NX88T512HP and the GV-NX88T256H; with the difference between the two being that the first has 512MB of GDDR memory and the second has 256MB. Since we originally posted this news piece, Gigabyte informed us that the P stands for Performance, as in an overclocked card.


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